Pre-School and Pre-K

Pre-School: Pre-schoolers do a lot of exploring- through free play and socialization and through science, language arts, math, visual perception, art and sensory centers set up in the classroom. How does popcorn sound, look, feel, taste? What do magnets do? What new colors form when paints are mixed? They also play outside as often as they can and take on special classroom jobs to begin teaching responsibility and community building.

Pre-Kindergarten: Pre-K school students begin to learn letters, numbers and counting skills. They enjoy science lessons like hatching butterflies and finding animal tracks in the snow and artwork that includes painting, beading, cutting, gluing and playdough. The children make their own books, count numbers of letters in a word and words on a page and learn to identify titles and authors of books. As they prepare to head off to Kindergarten, our Pre-K school students also continue to practice independence, listening skills and tolerance of others.
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