Infants: The babies in our infant day care rooms can begin at the age of six weeks. We have a looping system where infants stay with the same teachers until two years of age. They spend a lot of time being held and rocked, and the rooms are filled with brightly colored, high quality infant toys including soft climbers, jumpers, exersaucers and bouncy seats. The teachers sing songs and play age-appropriate games with the babies.

Mobile Infants: Once in the Mobile Infant day care room, children continue working on their gross and fine motor skills. The children enjoy being read to, singing songs, and having lots of free play with the soft climbing structures. They also strengthen their fine motor skills through daily activities like finger painting, as well as starting to hold their own spoons when they are ready. The sensory exploration continues for children this age - they love to feel the difference between warm and cold or rough and soft, seeing bubbles being blown and pop and hearing, and making, quiet and loud noises.
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