VELS Curriculum

The Vermont Early Learning Standards, or VELS, are the statewide standard for early childhood education.  It takes advantage of a child’s natural urge and innate curiosity to play, meshing it with contemporary learning techniques to produce learning outcomes designed to teach critical thinking from an early age. VELS consists of eight domains: Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Language, Literacy and Communication; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Creative Expression and Physical Development and Health. All eight domains are geared toward introducing basic concepts that children will begin learning early on in their lives.

Approaches to Learning encompasses the basic learning process through play, initiative, persistence, self-organization, reasoning and application of new information. Social and Emotional Development covers self-esteem, responsibility and self-control. Language, Literacy and Communication involves how to teach children to listen and express their ideas. Mathematics, Science and Social Studies strive to introduce children to basic concepts and begin teaching them how and why they are important. Creative Expression aims to foster healthy self-expression and appreciation for the arts.  Physical Development and Health refers to healthy growth and development of the body, including musculoskeletal development through activities incorporating various motor skills.  

By utilizing an individualized curriculum, our teachers are able to construct lesson plans according to each child’s unique developmental objectives and learning goals needed for their success. Every child learns and grows at a different pace, so tailoring instruction to this fact make education that much more obtainable. By basing curriculum on VELS, children are better prepared for interaction with their peers and, once old enough,  the public school system as a whole.  Bluewater takes their learning a step further by catering to each child’s unique learning style and needs, which enhances a learner’s success overall.

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